My key takeaways from college life.

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1. Prioritize Yourself

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Interview experience for new grad software engineer role at Twitter, India


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Making a resume, hunting for opportunities and making your application stand out

  • How to build your skills.
  • How should a good resume look like?
  • Applying to internships.
  • Interviewing.

How To Build Your Skills

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Templates that I can’t live without.

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My preparation strategy for system design interviews with Silicon Valley companies

What Is a System Design Interview?

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Acknowledging and Dealing With It

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Why do people take selfies and post them on social media ? How does it enable curation of self? How do selfies affect family life and mental health? How does it relate to the concept of Digital Embodiment ?

Selfies and Social Media

Learning about Prometheus

Applying to Hackerrank

Atibhi Agrawal

SWE Intern at @MorganStanley | Alum @google @grafana @hackerrank @RailsGirlsSoc @iiitb_official

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